Sul sito internazionale l’intervista a Gaetano Graziano Manager del Parco Commerciale “I Pini” e vice presidente nazionale dell’associazione dei direttori di centri commerciali in Italia. Le eccellenze del nostro territorio riconosciute a livello nazionale.

Gaetano Graziano, a Shopping Centre Manager from Italy shares his aspirations for his venue – An Interview

What would be the local strategy to increase engagement footfall? / How important are innovations in your area?

With us, you are still using the promotion of sales, which comes with an activity of short period and is expressed with free gifts on purchases, reduced prices, sweepstakes. Technological innovations are important because they allow us to understand the factors that affect consumer behavior:

  • Cultural factors
  • Social
  • Motivational
  • Lifestyles

What is the role of venues in Experiential Marketing in today’s scenario?
In an increasingly saturated market, where products are increasingly similar and where the consumer is always more evolved and less brand loyal, companies need to shift the focus of the consumer on other elements, such as the experience consumer. The experiential marketing in this context has a vital role for companies because over the sale of goods must also become “suppliers” of emotions and experiences

What is your long term vision for your mall?

Our vision is to standardize the quality of our services all across our centres. We want to specialize in providing our customers quality services. We also aim at personalized customer service, which is personalised according to our clients’ taste. We don’t want our shopping centres to be limited to a place of commerce, we want it to be coupled as a place of socialization and entertainment as well.

Raveena Sakiri